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Promoting Your Architecture Firm Using Virtual Reality: Client Engagement, Part 3

Client Engagement, Part 3: Remote Collaboration

Once you’ve got your clients set up with their own headsets and they’re comfortable viewing VR independently, you can host remote collaboration sessions for quick discussions. Using a tool like Yulio’s Collaborate feature, you can invite a client to join you on their own device, wherever they are. You can guide them through your designs by seeing where they’re looking using this to initiate discussion. Remote collaboration allows you to cut down on travel and face-to-face time, meaning you’ll get quicker feedback and move things along faster.Quick warning!While it’s easy to become a little obsessed with new technology, make sure your technology doesn’t replace real human interaction. It’s important to meet with clients in person, and spend time a little time with the goggles off! Interested in trying VR for free? Head to and start your free trial today.