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Promoting Your Architecture Firm Using Virtual Reality: Client Engagement, Part 1

Client Engagement, Part 1: Engage From Day 1

The best way to ease your clients into the world of VR and make the collaboration experience as rewarding as possible is to introduce them to VR in-person, with your own headset. Preferably, this will be on a higher-range headset (we recommend Samsung’s Gear VR) for an even more impressive first experience. After this introduction, you’ll have an easy entry point to set your clients up with their own headset. We suggest leaving them with a branded cardboard headset, and (if you’re using Yulio), instructions for downloading the Yulio Viewer app and how to view the designs you’ll be sending through.A handheld introduction to the world of VR like this will help your clients feel like they’ve got the tools to communicate better with you, be more involved in the design process, and have a stronger voice in important decisions.But what if my clients are resistant to VR?You may very well have clients who feel overwhelmed or even threatened by the thought of being expected to use VR technology. The best way to approach this resistance is to explain that you’re using VR technology to make it easier for them to understand your designs and your process. VR is, ultimately, for them—not you. Then, show them how easy it is to use and navigate by handing them a headset and walking them through the process. Interested in trying VR for free? Head to and start your free trial today.