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How to Install the Yulio Plugin for 3DS Max®

If you’re a 3DS Max® user looking for an easier way to render cubemaps for Yulio, our Yulio Plugin for 3DS Max® is a great solution.

You can find all our Yulio plugins available for download on yulio.com.

Note: you’ll need a Yulio account to access the plugins!


Works with 3DS Max 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. 

Once you’ve installed the plugin, follow these steps:
– Open 3DS Max®
– In the Command panel, go to the Utilities section (hammer icon)
– In the Command panel, select the Configure Button Sets button

Yulio for 3DS Max Utilities and Configure Button Sets
– This will open the Configure Button Sets dialog, which let you confirm Yulio for 3DS Max® as a button
– First, select the button from the list at the right of the dialog which you’d like to configure to be the Yulio for 3DS Max® button

Configure Yulio for 3DS Max

– Then, find Yulio for 3DS Max® in the list of Utilities
– Double click Yulio for 3DS Max® and the button label will be automatically updated
– Select OK

Yulio for 3DS max

Yulio for 3DS Max® is now a button in your Utilities section!

Yulio for 3DS Max in Utilities Section

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