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How do I install the Yulio Viewer app for Gear VR?

1. Install the Gear VR app on your smartphone. The Gear VR app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store

2. Install the Yulio Viewer app from the Gear VR store: click on the following link on your phone, or search for Yulio Viewer in the Gear VR store:


3.  If you have a Virtual Reality project link (e.g. https://www.yulio.com/1uXVG7CmYP), click on the link and then select ‘view on this phone’

The system will ask you to insert the phone into your Gear VR headset and will then automatically load the selected Virtual Reality project.


To launch the Yulio Viewer app without a link, place your phone into your Gear VR headset then chose the Yulio Viewer from your library.

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