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Getting Started with Yulio for Rhino

The Yulio for Rhino plugin is available for download on the CAD Plugins Page

Below is some information on what you’ll need to start generating fixed point renders using Yulio for Rhino.

Step 1: Ensure your computer meets the software requirements for Yulio for Rhino

– Rhino 5 or Rhino 6
– Latest version of VRay
– Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 x64
– Download vc_redist.x64.exe from the Microsoft website and ensure you select the x64 bit option
– Yulio for Rhino plugin


Step 2: Install Yulio for Rhino via the Rhino Installer Package (.rhi)

Install Yulio for Rhino

Step 3: Open Rhino and locate the Yulio for Rhino plugin via the main toolbar or the Yulio icon 

Yulio plugin on Rhino

Step 4: Authorize Rhino to access your Yulio account

Once you provide authorization for Rhino to access your Yulio account, you will have the option to automatically upload content to Yulio once rendering is complete.

Simply enter the email address bound to your Yulio account. We will send you an email with an authorization link. Once you authorize via email, Rhino will have access to your Yulio account.

Authorize Rhino to access Yulio account

Step 5: Setup render and output configuration options

Select the views you’d like to render.

If you’d like to automatically upload to Yulio, select that option. If you do, the cubemaps (scenes) will be automatically uploaded to your Yulio account. Otherwise, the cubemaps will be saved on your computer at the output path defined.

Select views to render, Rhino

Step 6: View in Yulio 

Once the rendering and upload are complete, you’ll receive a confirmation message in Rhino. You’ll have the option to view the cubemap in the output location selected or View in Yulio if you opted to upload to automatically. 

Successful render upload, Rhino

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