Why Yulio?

Yulio is a cost-effective way of attracting clients if you’re looking to grow. You can use Yulio as a sales and marketing tool, as well as a way to generate media attention. However, Yulio isn’t just about attracting clients: it’s about giving them a first-class experience the entire way through the collaboration process. Don’t just leave a powerful first impression: helps your clients visualize designs better, make decisions faster, and reduce construction errors.

While adopting Yulio will mean initial investments in hardware and software, we are confident that you’ll see significant ROI in a very short space of time.

Yulio also allows you to offer new services and build new revenue streams, help your clients make decisions faster, and work remotely with your clients.

With different subscription options and a wide range of headsets available, Yulio can accommodate virtually any budget.

Though it’s technically possible for employees to share accounts, we don’t recommend this approach.

Every user has different requirements and a different position within your organization, which means they’ll need to be set individual permission levels. For example, you probably don’t want to give certain users the ability to delete files.

Even if you’re considering having an entire department share one license, such as your sales team, each of these individuals still needs to be able to manage what content is on their device at a particular time. Sharing accounts leads to confusion, employees who are unable to manage their device’s content, and, in worst case scenarios, clients seeing other clients’ projects. This doesn’t reflect well on your employees or company as a whole, especially when your clients are competitors!

If you’re already experienced with VR, you’re going to love the advanced features Yulio offers.

Our mobile platform means you and your clients can view on iOS, Android and Gear VR devices. Mobile-powered VR is scalable and sustainable, and makes sharing and collaborating with clients quick and easy.

Our product is in constant development, which means we’re always releasing new features like 360 photo compatibility and providing you with sophisticated marketing options like web integration and business insights and analytics.

Our mission is to support your brand and reputation, not promote ours. That's why we offer advanced marketing features like the ability to integrate Virtual Reality Experiences into your website, customize our software with your firm's logo and branding, and even completely whitelabel our technology. We’ll also point you in the right direction if you’re considering buying custom-branded headsets and accessories.

How does Yulio fit into my workflow?

New technology can seem intimidating, but Yulio was designed to be used by anyone. If you can use a smartphone, you can use Yulio.

You or your CAD technologists can render VR-compatible scenes with our CAD plugins for Rhino, 3ds Max and SketchUp (Revit users won’t need a plugin), which means all you’ll need to do is upload your files to Yulio and click ‘View in VR’ to send them to the Yulio Viewer app on your phone. You can share designs with your clients simply by sharing the unique URL that Yulio generates for each of your designs.

If your clients have a smartphone, they can use Yulio. If they have their own headset, they can simply open your design's unique URL on their device. They'll be prompted to download the free Yulio Viewer app, and your design will appear when they open the app.

Yulio is designed to fit into your existing workflow with minimal disruption or time consumption. Our CAD plugins for Rhino, 3ds Max and SketchUp (Revit users won’t need a plugin) , render your files straight to Yulio. Use Yulio to upload and view your files--you don't need to learn any new software or change the way you work.

You might not be responsible for creating your 3D models, but you are responsible for how you present to and collaborate with your clients. You can work with your visualization providers and Yulio simultaneously to create a first-class design collaboration experience for your clients.

How does it work?

We are software providers, not hardware manufacturers, so we don’t sell headsets. Fortunately, our compatibility with iOS, Android, and Gear VR gives you an entire market of headsets (from cheaper to higher-end) to choose from.

Yulio is a self-service platform. You don’t need to send us your files—you and your team upload them and manage them independently within Yulio. Your files will never leave our secure servers. If you're worried about visibility and accessibility amongst team members, we’ve created individual permission levels for users to solve this dilemma.

Yulio is much more than a viewing platform. You can track and measure your clients' activity, collaborate with remote live-streaming, and whitelabel our technology, leveraging it as a fully-fledged sales, marketing and communication tool for your business.

Yulio is currently a mobile-only platform. We do this for a number of reasons, but mostly because it’s the most practical and cost-effective solution for you and your clients. It's convenient, portable, sanitary, shareable, and accessible. You can read more about the benefits of mobile VR here.

You can navigate scenes inside your headset by switching between multiple FPRs (fixed-point renderings). These FPRs are static images from a particular viewpoint. You can use multiple FPRs to tell a story by showcasing individual design variations, different camera locations, before and after photos, renderings compared with photos, and so on.