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A quick guide to bringing your vision to Virtual Reality.

If you can create and render a 3D scene in Sketchup, Revit or 3DS MAX you already have all the skills you need to start delivering immersive Virtual Reality Experiences with Yulio. Here's how:

Prepare your scene

Give your scene a quick check, making sure you've optimized cameras and lighting for Virtual Reality. Remember, you can see behind you in VR!

Export a fixed point render

To view a scene in virtual reality, you need an image with front, rear, top, bottom, left, and right views. We call this a Fixed Point Render (FPR).

How to export fixed point renders

Create a virtual reality experience

Think of a Virtual Reality Experience (VRE) as a collection of FPRs organized to tell a story. Upload as many images as you want to each experience.

Creating virtual reality experiences

Publish and share

Once you've created a Virtual Reality Experience, you can preview it in VR and share it with anyone with a smartphone and a headset.

Check out our gallery of VR Experiences

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