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Using the power of virtual reality to bring your spaces to life and tell your visual story.

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Hotspots can link your scenes or add more details to your VR Project. Clients can travel around a space and listen to ambient sounds, recorded greetings, or read additional information with just a click.


Collaborate is our most popular feature, giving users the ability to invite participants to view your project on a browser or in a headset. See where your clients are looking or hand over presenter control and let your client lead the way.


Present your projects in a custom VR starting ‘lobby’ that reflects your branding or your client’s. You also have the ability to upload a company logo that displays when your project is opened.

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Immerse Clients In Your Designs

Immerse your clients in your vision, better explain size, scale and design flow to clients who have a hard time translating plans and 2D images. Quickly showcase design options, and create greater understanding which leads to faster sign-off and reduce meeting time.

Hold Interactive Meetings

Make remote and in-person meetings more engaging, and present to stakeholders no matter where they’re located with headsets or over a browser. Markup your project with real-time feedback and always have clarity on exactly what your client was looking at when they made comments.

Stand Out

Provide an experience that is informative yet goes beyond 2D renderings and the industry norm. Take the step your competitors have yet to and guide your clients on a journey through your visual story.

Record Client Feedback with Project Markup

For architects and designers that present solutions and collaborate with clients, Project Markup is the perfect feature to communicate your vision. Launch a Collaborate session and allow your clients to see you draw directly on your project in real time. With Markup, access a variety of pen and color options to provide clear and coordinated feedback to all those involved.

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Whether you have rendered images from your CAD software or 360-photos, you can get started with Yulio for free today. Sign up for our 30-day free trial to start creating your VR projects today! For more information about compatible file formats and step-by-step tutorials, visit our Knowledge Base for details.

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