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3ds Max to VR.

Yulio is a browser-based software that allows you to convert your CAD files to VR. If you currently use 3ds Max to create 3D renders, you can also use it to author VR ready scenes using the 3ds Max to VR plugin by Yulio.
One of the challenges designers face when making the leap from 3ds Max to VR is thinking through the reality of 360 visuals. 
VR spaces are 360-degree environments, and designers have to account for the fact that the viewer can turn around and that they are actually in control of the view. While not all views need a fully rendered space, the VR view will be disorienting if your viewer is suddenly dropped into whitespace as the edges of the 3ds Max to VR render. 
To avoid this, include elements in your design that fill in the 360 spaces, like generic walls or ceilings in a neutral gray - something that means your viewer won’t be in a floating abyss when they turn away from your initial camera position. 
VR project created with 3ds max renders
Drag the image to interact with the scene.
Tips to get the most from your 3ds Max to VR conversion

Lighting controls vary significantly by render engine that you are using, but if you have control you can manipulate the shadow rays and light multiplier controls. Our designers set their shadow rays at 100, then render, and then adjust them or the light multipliers by 0.1, 0.2, etc. until they have the desired effect.
Another small fix that will have a big impact on the quality of the conversion from 3ds Max to VR is the way in which you apply material swatches for texture. If you typically repeat tiles of texture swatch, be aware that repeating them, and worse, rotating them, will be quite obvious in VR. To counteract this,try stretching your swatch or repeating the tiles at places where there are logical breaks in the design.
Cubemaps coming out of 3DS Max demonstrate texture in finishes, and are of medium cost and time, and perfect for evolving designs and choosing finishes quickly to help clients move closer to decisions. They look stunning in VR and depending on the total value of your project or RFP may be the maximum quality you would consider. It can also be helpful in the iteration phase to show them in grayscale rather than full color.
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Selecting the scenes to be rendered out of 3ds Max is very important as you always want to be thinking about the narrative. Consider the way you want to take the viewer through the story when you’re designing, and be selective about the viewpoint you set to start the experience. Since your viewer will likely begin looking around almost immediately, set your starting camera position at something that will anchor them, and allow them to move.

Photorealistic visualization
Photorealistic content can be created with the 3DS Max to VR plugin by Yulio, with additional time and artistry. This highest cost content can have full photo quality with elaborate backgrounds and details. If you are responding to a high-value RFP or building a portfolio of designs to show and share your vision, the immersion quality of these cube maps in VR is outstanding and potentially worth the additional time and investment in a visualization service.